The Structured Start-Up was built on the belief that to obtain success, start-ups need careful planning, including the consideration of a myriad of factors that are evaluated reiteratively. Successful start-ups are not magic or lightning in a bottle. They are the result of successful execution of a prudent plan. Building on a plethora of resources from business and entrepreneurial leaders, The Structured Start-Up works through 20 aspects of entrepreneurial ventures critical to success.

The Structured Start-Up is designed to help entrepreneurs work hard and work wisely. These are the two things that individual founders can control – smart work and effort – and they’re critical components to success. And entrepreneurial success is not easy: while external factors such as luck, culture, privilege, geography, karma, and the like play a role in success or failure, the founder’s role is to position their company as best they can. The goal of The Structured Start-Up is to help facilitate this process.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s already having great success with your business, this course is not for you. However, if you are: 

  • Beginning to think about an idea,
  • Actively working on bringing your idea to fruition,
  • Working on your business now but finding success to be a challenge,
  • Evaluating whether you are ready for funding, or
  • Finding that your business is working on you and not the other way around,

then The Structured Start-Up is for you. You can either move sequentially through the course or skip to the areas on which you need to focus.

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