First Avenue Ventures

Saksham Narang

Managing Partner, First Avenue Ventures Life Science Fund I

Saksham Narang is the Managing Partner at First Avenue Ventures Life Science Fund I. The Fund invests in early-stage life science opportunities primarily throughout Birmingham and the State of Alabama. The investment team emphasizes collaboration with local research organizations and universities, some of which are considered top in the nation in terms of NIH funding. He received his Bachelor of Science from Boston University in 2015. After graduation, he interned as an analyst for MedCap Advisors, an investment bank that provided sophisticated mergers & acquisition guidance and strategic consulting services exclusively to the medical technology and healthcare sectors. Saksham went on to help transition the investment bank into a first-time venture fund and ultimately held the title of Senior Investment Associate. During his time, Saksham helped at all levels of fund management – from preparing the private placement memorandum to fundraising to deal sourcing/structuring and reporting.

After departing Boston to pursue entrepreneurial efforts, Saksham joined the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) as a Venture Advisor in 2018. At UAB, he assisted faculty and staff in evaluating the commercial potential of their early-stage research. In addition to examining these breakthroughs, Saksham helped build a process and system that serves as a framework for commercialization of intellectual property at UAB.

Saksham is the Co-Founder and Vice President for UAB-startup Yuva Biosciences, Inc. The Company seeks to develop the next generation of anti-aging products through ground-breaking mitochondrial science. Saksham is also on the board of BIO Alabama, the leading advocate organization for Alabama’s bioscience community.