Birmingham Funded Start-up List

Birmingham Funded Start-up List

In order to be included on the Funded Birmingham Start-ups List, a start-up must*:

  1. Have raised over $100,000 over the past three years from an outside source or sources
  2. Be part of a growth industry, defined here as:
    1. A business that involves a degree of innovation and/or a novel approach to a market challenge and
    2. demonstrates the potential to grow beyond a real estate based company.

2022 Birmingham Funded Start-Up List


1. Accelerate Wind: Erika Boeing, Principal

2. Acclinate Genetics: Delmonize Smith and Tiffany Jordan, Principals

3. AerBetic: Arnar Thors, Principal

4. AI Metrics: Andrew Smith, Principal

5. Alpha Young, LLC: Christopher Yanucil, Principal

6. Alveolus Bio: Vivek Lal, Principal

7. Analytical AI: David Odaibo, Principal

8. APEX Pro (DEFT Dynamics): Austin Gurley, Principal

9. Apptoo Inc.: Matthew York, Principal

10. Ashipa Electric: Olu Ajala, Principal

11. Astound Research: Joel Berry, Principal

12. Ayas Renewables: Joe McGrail, Principal

13. Babypalooza: Cecilia Pearson, Principal

14. Blox: Chris Giattina, Principal

15. BoomNation: Brent Flavin, Principal

16. Boulo Solutions: Delphine Carter, Principal

17. Bridge Therapeutics: Dr. Greg Sullivan, Principal

18. BuildPlane: Christopher Winslett, Principal

19. BuyOrBorrow Music: Dave Karr, Principal

20. Case Status: Lauren Sturdivant and Andy Seavers, Principals

21. CerFlux: Karim I. Budwani, Principal

22. Chonex: Michael Lynch, Principal

23. Circulogene Theranostics: Mike Mullen, Principal

24. ClearMIND, Inc.: Liz Read, Principal

25. Cloverly: Dave Folk, Principal

26. Clutch!: A Subsidiary of Knight Eady

27. CNine Biosolutions, LLC: Theresa Schein, Principal

28. Compression Works: Scott Dodson, Principal

29. Con.doit: Ian Hoppe, Principal

30. Conserv: Austin Senseman and Nathan McMinn, Principals

31. Copysmith: Anna Wang, Principal

32. CoWello: Shegun Otulana and Oz Imaghodor, Principals

33. Croux: Lindsey Noto. Jennifer Ryan, Kenny Kung, Stewart Price, and Brett Ables, Principals

34. Datacy: Kaleb Jordan Wilson and Paroma Indilo, Principals

35. Eagle Solar & Light: Sam Yates, Principal

36. Edify Online: Anil P. Agarwal, Principal

37. Embassy Social: Zachary Taunton, Principal

38. Empower Therapeutics: Steven Rothenberg, Principal

39. Endomimetics: Joseph Garner, Principal

40. Fighting Cancer Network Inc.: Matt Scalici and Mike Ousley

41. Fleetio: Tony Summerville, Principal

42. Fresh Technology: Mike Bodnar, Principal

43. FuelFox: Ben Morris, Principal

44. Fulmer Instruments, LLC: Benjamin Fulmer, Principal

45. Funnelfly: Laurel Mills, Principal

46. Glow: Yazmin Cavale, Principal

47. GoodJob Software: Chase Morrow and Stephen Johnston, Principals

48. Guideway Care: Craig Parker, Principal

49. HData: Hudson Hollister, Principal

50. HealNow, Inc.: Halston Prox and Joshua Smith, Principals

51. Help Lightning (formerly Vapaar): Gary York, Principal

52. High Five Dental: Chad Trull, Principal

53. IllumiCare: G.T. LaBorde, Principal

54. Immediate Solutions: Matt Pierce, Principal

55. Immersive Experience Laboratories: Corey Shum, Principal

56. Immunowake: Xiaoyun Wu, Principal

57. Joonko: Ilit Raz, Principal

58. Kaya: Corey Anand, Principal

59. Linq: Jared Mattsson and Elliott Potter, Principals

60. ListedKit: Derrick Magnotta, Principal

61. Magic Medical Solutions: Paul Cox, Principal

62. Mixtroz: Ashlee Ammons, Principal

63. MomentMD: Abanob Farag, Principal

64. MoovMo: Daryl Harris, Principal

65. MRIMath: Hassan Fathallah-Shaykh, Principal

66. NRTC Automation: Greg Owens, Principal

67. NXTsoft/ThreatAdvice: David Brasfield, Principal

68. The Office Exchange: Anthony Grivet, Devin Davie, and Robyn Ong, Principals

69. OGRE: Wes Queen, Principal

70. OpenVia (formerly The Porch Pod/End Point Logistics): Patrick Campbell, Principal

71. Prepaid2Cash: Peter Vogt, Principal

72. Prepaid Technologies: Stephen Faust, Principal

73. Preventric AI: Philip White, Principal

74. ProU Sports: Thomas Coiner, Principal

75. QuantHUB: Matt Cowell, Principal

76. Quantalytix: Will Bryant, Principal

77. Rampart IC: Tom Livingston, Principal

78. Reliant Glycosicences LLC: Matthew Renfrow, Principal

79. REPOWR: Patrick Visintainer and Spencer Ware, Principals

80. ResBiotic Nutrition, Inc.: Vivek Lal, Principal

81. Shipshape: Ryan Dalton and Alexander Linn, Principals

82. Shipshape Urban Farms: Angela Speetjens and Kenneth “Dale” Speetjens, Principals

83. SlateXP (LearnSafe): Lee Ross and Kevin Hendrix, Principals

84. Smart Solutions: Kevin Braswell, Principal

85. Smart Alto: Hassan Riggs, Principal

86. StreetMetrics: Drew Jackson, Principal

87. Stroma Vision: Anıl Üzengi and Oğuzhan Mete Öztürk, Principals

88. Sunfire Biotechnologies: Deborah Bidanset, Principal

89. SynsorMed: Theodore Harvey and Amin Holmes, Principals

90. Talent Engines: Michael Connolly, Principal

91. TaxX: Josh Taylor and Jay Taylor, Principals

92. TIXiMED, Inc.:  Anath Shalev and Mike Goodrich, Principals

93. TriAltus Bioscience: Bob Shufflebarger, Principal

94. TruSpin Nanomaterial Innovation: Robert Agnew and Anthony Brayer, Principals

95. TrustSpot: Larry VanDenHandel and Ryan Haidinger, Principals

96. Tuesday Advisors (Formerly LeadHR): Ross Blankenship and Howard Glenn, Principals

97. University FanCards: Lynn Boggs, Principal

98. Urgent Care for Children: Allury Arora, Principal

99. Vendrix: David Stewart and Joe Turner, Principals

100. Vulcan Biosciences: Michael Heaven, Principal

101. WineView: Gary Campbell and Angela Grace, Principals

102. Wyndy: Tommy Mayfield, Principal

103. Xcellent Life: Dr. Lakiesha Crawford, Samuel Berestizhevsky, and Victor Brown, Principals

104. XpertDox: Sameer Ather, Principal

105. YUDU Outdoors: Brian Senn, Principal

Exits in the Past Three Years

  1. Atlas RFID (Year of Exit: 2021)
  2. Baremetrics (Year of Exit: 2020)
  3. Diamond Fortress (Year of Exit: 2021)
  4. DiscoveryBioMed (Year of Exit: 2022)
  5. Fetch Talent (Year of Exit: 2020)
  6. Hospice Partners (Year of Exit: 2019)
  7. Influence Health (Year of Exit: 2019)
  8. Incysus Therapeutics (Year of Exit: 2020)
  9. INFLCR (Year of Exit: 2019)
  10. Main Street Family Care (Year of Exit: 2020)
  11. Pack Health (Year of Exit: 2022)
  12. ProctorU (Year of Exit: 2020)
  13. SPNet Clinical Solutions (Year of Exit: 2020)
  14. StrategyWise (Year of Exit: 2020)
  15. True Load Time (Year of Exit: 2022)
  16. Vincari/ComplyMD (Year of Exit: 2019)
*A Note on the Funded Start-Up List: No representation is made as to the accuracy and completeness of the information provided. We make every effort to be accurate, but this information is notoriously difficult to find and verify. If you find any errors, please let us know.
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