In May, Laurel Mills, Vice President of Marketing & Strategy for First Avenue Ventures, a firm specializing in professional and business services for entrepreneurs and startups, successfully completed training to be a StoryBrand Certified Guide. StoryBrand offers a seven-part framework to clarify marketing materials and other messaging. Laurel can help clients use StoryBrand to design or re-design their websites, create a one-liner and explanatory paragraph, build a sales funnel, and develop content offers to generate leads. 

 “Congratulations to Laurel.  StoryBrand certification is a major accomplishment, and we appreciate her hard work and dedication. I am thrilled that we can add this program to offer for our entrepreneurial clients,” says Mike Goodrich, Principal of First Avenue Ventures.   

“Helping clients find their narrative is essential for growth, fundraising, and sales. When you do something new, entrepreneurs sometimes have trouble explaining what they do. StoryBrand and Laurel can help entrepreneurs overcome this using the StoryBrand Framework. StoryBrand creates another great tool in our arsenal to help us empower the entrepreneurial companies and fulfill our mission of an innovative Birmingham economy.” 

First Avenue Ventures continues to help clients with all aspects of their marketing and messaging as well as conducting strategic planning sessions, providing business coaching, and creating and maintaining all aspects of digital marketing campaigns and strategic marketing.

First Avenue also offers an online course for entrepreneurs at 

Already at Work

First Avenue Ventures has already applied the StoryBrand Framework to many of its internal products, including The Structured Startup, a self-guided online course for entrepreneurs, and its Services. Select My Space also debuted a new homepage following the StoryBrand Framework this June.