Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Provision of ServicesFirst Avenue Ventures, LLC, an Alabama Limited Liability Company (“FAV”) provides certain limited services to no cost to its Clients. By signing below, you are indicating your desire to become a Client and agree to be bound to these terms and conditions. 

Although FAV provides these services to clients without charge, we do have certain expectations of our Clients:

  • We ask that Clients are responsive. If we act as an accountability partner for you or your Company, we ask that you respond to our request.
  • We ask that you take our advice and recommendations at face value.  While we strive to provide the right advice for your particular situation, the nature of providing quick recommendations relies on us quickly ascertaining the relevant or salient facts.  Because we are moving quickly, we sometimes will miss these, make wrong assumptions, or otherwise presume things in error.     You alone as an entrepreneur are responsible for distilling, dissecting and interpreting the advice to your situation and applying only if, when and where appropriate.
  • Recommendations in particular need to be vetted.  A service provider that worked last year for one company may or may not be appropriate for your service.  We can help giving you ideas about who and how to approach service providers, but only you can be responsible for the hire.
  • We ask that we may use your name and logo on our Client list.

If a deeper dive is needed, we are available for more structured engagements.  If and when a structured engagement is right for both sides, we will enter into a written engagement agreement, which will include appropriate compensatory terms.  Until such time as an agreement is made, these Terms and Conditions (as may be amended) shall be binding.

We may change these Terms and Conditions at any time, with or without notice. 

We may terminate our services to you at any time.

Services are provided as is and where as without any representation or warranty with respect to the services provided.  In particular, we make no representation that we will meet any standard of care.

Our liability in the provision of services is limited to the fee charged.  That being nothing, we are not responsible for monetary damages.  If you really want to push, we will give you one dollar in liquidated damages, which you agree is adequate and fair compensation.