For some of you close to me, SOCAP is a way-too-familiar refrain. SOCAP Global is an annual conference devoted to social capital or impact investing held in San Francisco. I love it and I talk about it often. When I first attended SOCAP in 2018, it was an eye-opening experience that tied together several of the disparate themes on investing and making a difference that had been on my mind. If nothing else, I was happy to know I was not alone in thinking about these themes.

Due to COVID-19, this year, the conference was virtual. One of the benefits of a virtual conference is that related links popped up in the chats. Consequently, while I may not have a course book on social capital, I do have a wealth of links to organizations interested in social capital. Below, you’ll find my collection of links to books, articles, organizations, and resources. It’s random but hopefully helpful. 

Alternative Venture Capital

Builder Capitalist (website)
Global Corporate Venturing (webiste)
Intelligent Impact (website)
NYU School of Law’s Grunin Center for Law and Social Entrepreneurship (website)
Salesforce Ventures Launches Second $100 Million Impact Fund (article)

Artisans and Entrepreneurship

“Mobilizing all forms of capital for sustainable development” (article)

Community Equity Trust

Growing Wealth in Opportunity Zones: A Proposal for Community Equity Trusts” (article)

Designing an Impact Investing Portfolio

(Ad)venture Finance: Creating an Epic Funding Journey that Blends Profit and Purpose (forthcoming book)
Common Future (organization)
“Hiding in Plain Sight Part 3: Getting It Done – Making the Allocation to Diverse Managers” (article)
Impact Investing Handbook
Impact Investing Handbook: Theory of Change Worksheet
Open Road Alliance (organization)
Stakeholder Capitalism
“What Investors Need to Know to Embrace Catalytic Capital” (article)

Education/ Mental Health

“Finding Your Place: The Current State of K-12 Social Emotional Learning” (article)
Trauma-Informed Social Emotional Learning Toolkit 

Equitable Development Work Group

Equitable Development Webinar Series: Resources & Links

Financial Impact of the Racial Wealth Gap 

The Economic Impact of Closing the Racial Wealth Gap” (article)

Impact Investing Is Not Enough

Black Venture Institute (fund) 
Illumen Capital (fund)
Impact Investing Won’t Save Capitalism” (article) 
Prison Free Funds (resource)
Racial Justice Exclusion List (resource)

Investing Across the Returns Continuum: 

The Next Step for Investors: Revenue-Based Financing (book) 

Investing in Female Opportunities

Microloan Foundation USA (organization)
“Women’s Breakthrough Leadership Challenge” (workshop)

Measuring Impact

More than Measurement: A Practitioner’s Journey to Impact Management (article)
Great Expectations: Mission Preservation and Financial Performance in Impact Investing (article)

Selling Your Family on Impact Investing

“Sustainable Investing Capabilities of Private Banks” (article)

Understanding Impact Performance

2020 Annual Impact Investor Survey” (article)
Bridges Annual Impact Report” (article)
Small Giants Academy (fund)

Use for More Difficult Financial Enterprises

Acumen (fund)
The Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurism (fund/small business accelerator)
The Truss Fund (fund)

Using Impact Investing to Advance Social Equity and Build Resilience

For Some Minority-Owned Businesses, Their Lenders Are Now Their Defenders” (article)
Gathering of global leaders on ‘Digital Gender Equality’ creates new momentum for urgent action” (Article)
The Impact Investing Market in the COVID-19 Context: Advancing Social Equity to Build Resilience” (article)
Netflix Commits $100 Million to Support Black Communities Thanks to Aaron Mitchell” (article)