Portfolio Criteria

First Avenue Ventures structures a variety of deals to grow and develop successful businesses. Primarily, we search for companies to own and control, however we can and do structure companies with equity participation of management and former owners. We are geographically focused on Birmingham and the surrounding area. We are looking for companies with a strong market niche with reasonable defensibility (not a company that is struggling because the market is gone).

We seek growth opportunities that are not constrained by market size. These opportunities include businesses going through a transition from life style to strong growth, a retiring or exiting owner, or a transition from start up to emerging growth.

We have the ability to partner with, augment, enhance or replace a management team, and as such we are looking for both opportunities with stable management as well as opportunities with underperforming management or which are undercapitalized.

Our target size is between $2,000,000 and $20,000,000 in revenue, although we can go higher or lower. Our minimum transaction size is $500,000. Working through a network of both debt and equity capital providers, First Avenue Ventures can provide significantly more capital to a transaction than just the threshold amount.